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Mcgrath JC, Olverman HJ. 
“Release Of [3h]-noradrenaline From The Motor Adrenergic- Nerves Of The Anococcygeus Muscle By Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, Tyramine Or Nerve Stimulation”. 
Brit. J. Pharmac.. 1978;64:615-622.
The effects of drugs on noradrenaline (NA) release from motor adrenergic nerves were studied. Method Single rat or cat anococcygeus muscles were labeled with 3H-NA then superfused with drug-free Krebs solution, 5 mcM LSD (Sandoz), 5 mcM tyramine HCl (Sigma-Chem.), 3mcM carbachol or 8 mg/ml BaCl2 or field stimulation of the intramural nerves was applied and 3H overflow was measured. Dose-response curves to nerve stimulation and to NA were determined on muscles treated with 1 mcM cocaine HC1 (Macarthy) alone or with 0.3 mcM LSD. Results 3H in superfusate showed exponential decay with time Ty ramine increased 3H-overflow markedly and LSD less so while carbachol and BaCl2 had no effect, although all 4 substances caused similar contraction. Field stimulation for 15 sec at 10-20 Hz produced a 3H outflow for 6 min following stimulation. Both 3H outflow and the accompanying contraction were checked by LSD. Cocaine made the muscle more sensitive to field stimulation but not to carbachol. LSD reduced responsiveness to stimulation and to high concentrations of NA and carbachol. This effect was not altered in the presence of cocaine.
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