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Moore RH, Domino EF. 
“Modification of the Effects of LSD-25, d-Amphetamine and Tryptamine on Electrically Evoked Responses in the Visual System by Methiothepin and Octoclothepin”. 
Arch.Intern.Pharmacodyn.. 1978;236(1):66-73.
Modification of the effects of LSD-25, d-amphetamine and tryptamine on electrically evoked responses n the visual system by methiothepin (MT) and octoclothepin (OT) was studied. Methods Adult cats (2-4 kg) were anesthetized with 20 mg/kg i.m. ketamine 50 mg/kg i.p. chloralose i0 mg/kg gallamine i.v. and electrodes placed in the optic radiation, cortex and chiasm. All drugs were given i.v., and MT and OT (Roche) were given 15 min before the other drugs. Results LSD-25 (Sandoz) at 32 mcg/kg had a depressant effect on the visual evoked potential induced by optic chiasm stimulation, the effect occurred within 5 min and lasted for > 1 hr. In the cats pretreated with 1 mg/kg MT or OT, the depressant effects of LSD-25 were completely antagonized, but neither drug had any effect alone. At 5 min after 3.2 mg/kg amphetamine (SK+F) no changes had occurred in evoked potentials, and after 15 min only a small inhibition occurred, and during the rest of the experiment the inhibition stayed at about 50%. Pretreatment of the cats with 1 mg/kg OT provided some antagonism, and MT was less effective, the antagonism abating after 30 min. There was a dose-dependent relationship between tryptamine (SigmaChem) and depression of evoked responses induced in the optic chiasm, and the duration of action was 3-12 min. 100 mcg tryptamine had no effect, and 3200 mcg/kg abolished the potential. Only the depressant effects of the small doses of tryptamine were antagonized by MT and OT.
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