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Nakahara Y, Niwaguchi T, Ishii H. 
“Studies on-Lysergic Acid Diethylamides and Related Compounds. VI. Syntheses of Dihydrolysergic Acid Diethylamides and Related Compounds”. 
Chem.Pharm.Bull.. 1977;25(7):1756-63.
The synthesis of dibydrolysergic acid diethylamides and analogs is reported. Hydrogenation of LSD (1) in MeOH over Pd/c yielded (4), whilst (3) gave a mixture oi (5) and (—). Treatmertt of (—) with base gave an equilibrium mixture of (—) and (7). Varioris reaction9 of Lysergic acid (8) are shovn below. '£reatment of agroclavine (14) Na/BuOH yielded 1yRergine (9), festuclavine(l5), pyroclavine (f—) and costaclavine (f7). IR, ORD, NMR, UV and MS data are quoted.
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