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Nozaki M, Bell JA. 
“Responses of flexor reflex to LSD, tryptamine (T), 5-HTP, methoxamine (M) and d-amphetamine (A) in acute and chronic spinal rats”. 
Fed. Proc.. 1976;35(3):270.
The flexor reflex of acute (40-48 hours after transection to mid-thoracic) and chronic (at least 2 Months after transectlon) spinal rats was evoked by electrical stimulation of hindfeet and recorded on a polygraph using a transducer connected to the left hindleg. The flexor Reflex In the chronic spinal rat was more responsive to electrical stimulation and to the action of drugs studied than was the flexor reflex in the acute spinal rat. Drugs were administered intraperitonatally. LSD (2.5 mcg/kg) T (6.0 mg/kg), 5-HTP( 5.0 mg/kg), M (0.875 mg/kg) and A (2.0 mg/kg) facilitate the flexor reflex and evoked spontaneous hindleg movement in chronic spinal rats. LSD and A were also studied in the acute spinal rat. Increasing dose of LSD to 100 mcg/kg did not facilitate the flexor reflex whereas, 2 mg/kg did. 4 but not 2 mg/kg of A was facilltitory in the acute spinal rat. The facilitation caused by LSD and T but not 5-HTP in chronic spinal rats was antagonized by cyproheptadine (0.4 mg/kg). The factiltatory effects of LSD and T were similar and can be distinguished from 5-HTP.
Notes # : Abstr. No. 360
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