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Nozaki M, Vaupel DB, Martin WR. 
“A Pharmacologic Comparison of 3,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine and LSD in the Chronic Spinal Dog”. 
Europ.J.Pharmacol.. 1977;46(4):339-49.
The pharmacological properties of d-amphetamine (AM), LSD and 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA) were compared in the chronic spinal dog, the LSD tolerant chronic spinal dog and the intact dog. Methods Various reflex responses to stimuli were monitored in dogs who received the antagonists, cyproheptadine (Merck-USA),. phenoxybenzamine tSK+F) and chlorpromazine (SK+F) by i.v. injection followed by 10 mcg/kg i.v. LSD or 2 mg/kg i.v. MDA -Tolerance and cross-tolerance studies after the administration of LSD,MDA, AM (SK+F), 2,5-dimethxyamphetamine and p-phen ylamine were conducted in dogs who had been made tolerant to LSD. The effect of MDA, AM and LSD in suppressing appetite was evaluated by measuring the food intake of dogs housed in in dividual cages. Results In single doses, MDA resembled AM in producing mydriasis, retraction of nictitating membranes, stereotyped behavior, and darting eye movements. MDA has a similar action to LSD by markedly facilitating the flexor, reflex, producing continuous stepping movements, whining and eye tracking movements. Both LSD and MDA increased respiration, body temperature and latency of the twitch reflex and also produced behavioral arousal. Cyproheptadine antagonized the effects of LSD but was in effective against MDA. Phenoxybenzamine antagonized the res piratory, papillary and hyperthermic effects of MDA and the respiratory effect of LSD. Chlorpromazine inhibited many of the CNS effects of both LSD and MDA. Cross-tolerance to MDA developed in some but not all dogs which were made tolerant to LSD. The anorectic effect of MDA was one-tenth that of AM in intact dogs. Conclusions MDA has amphetamine-like properties and may produce perceptual changes similar to those induced by LSD.
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