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Palmer GC, Jones DJ, Medina MA, Stavinoha WB. 
“Action of Psychoactive Drugs on Cyclic AMP Levels in Mouse Cerebral Cortex and Lung Following Microwave Irradiation”. 
Pharmacologist. 1975;17(2):233.
The effect of psychoactive agents on cyclic AMP levels in cerebral cortex and lung was studied, A variety of psychoactive compounds were injected into mice and after specified time periods, cAMP levels were determined the rapidly fixed (0.3 sec of 5 KW microwave irradiation) cerebral cortex and lung. Drugs which increased cAMP in the cerebral cortex were: amitriptyline (20 mg/kg); chlorpromazine (12,5 mg/kg), chlorpromazine sulfoxide (25 mg/kg), papaverine (150 mg/kg), caffeine (100 mg/kg), and pargyline (75 mg/kg). Alpha methyl p-tyrosine (250 mg/kg) exerted a transient effect on both cerebral and lung tissue. At first the cAMP levels were in creased then later were decreased. In the lung the following compounds elevated cAMP: chlorpromazine, chlorpromazine sulfoxide, amitriptyline, papaverine, and reserpine (2.5 mg/kg/ day). Agents that inhibited cAMP accumulation in the lung were amphetamine (8 mg/kg), p-OH-amphetamine (8 mg/kg3, LSD (2 in"), caffeine, and papaverine.
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