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Palmer GC, Jones DJ, Medina MA, Stavinoha WB. 
“Influence of Injected Psychoactive Drugs on Cyclic AMP Levels in Mouse Brain and following Microwave Irradiation”. 
Neuropharmacology. 1977;16(6):435-43.
The influence of psychoactive drugs on cAMP levels in mouse brain and lung following microwave irradiation was studied. Methyls The following drugs were injected i.p. into male Swiss 20-25 mcgmice at specified time intervals: chlorpromazine (CPZ),CPZ sulfoxide, d-amphetamine and p-OH-amphetamine.HBr (SK+F)j pargyline, amitriptyline (Merck-USA), papaverine (Marion Labs), caffeine (Nutr.Biochem.), reserpine (Serpasil, CIBA)J d,1-amethyl p-tyrosine (aMPT) Regis). Animals were sacrificed by exposure to 500 msec irradiation and tissues from lung, cerebral cortex and diencephalon were analyzed for cAMP content. Results Reserpine 2.5 mg/kg and sacrifice at 24, 48 and 72 hr did not alter cAMP levels in Cerebral cortex at any time period; there was an initial increase occurring at 24 he in diencephalon while lung levels were increased at 72 hr. a-MPT (250 mg/kg) significantly reduced cAMP in both cerebral cortex at 3 he and diencephalon at 0.5, 1 and 3 hr post injection; Levels of cAMP in lung were increased at 30 min and 60 min. CPZ (12.5 mg/kg) injected for 3 days, produced a marked increase in cAMP in both brain areas and lung. cAMP levels did not increase significantly in cortex until 48 and 72 hr after injection of CPZ sulfoxide (25 ma/ kg for 3 days); there was an initial increase in lung cAMP with return to base levels at 48 and 72 he; there was a stepwise reduction of cAMP in diencephalon and there was marked sedation. d-Amphetamine 8 mg/kg decreased cAMP in lung tissue up to 60 min after injection. p-OH-amphetamine 8 mg/kg increased c AMP levels in Cortex but had no action in diencephalon. Caffeine 110 Mg/kg elevated cAMP levels in both brain areas but had no effect in lung. Papaverine 150 mg/kg elevated cAMP in cerebral cortex and lung at 30 min. Pargyline 75 mg/kg, stimulated cAMP levels in cortex alone. Lowered amounts were observed in lung. Amitriptyline 20 mg/kg/day four 3 days increased cAMP in cortex on days 1, 2 and 3 and in lung on days 1 and 2. d-LSD 2 tlg resulted in hyperactive behavior and decreased cAMP levels in lungs after 20 min. Conclusion - In vivo, psychoactive drugs influence steady state levels of cAMP in a manner that can differ from their action in vitro.
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