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Persson SA. 
“LSD And Related Drugs As DA Antagonists: Receptor-mediated Effects On the Synthesis And Turnover Of DA”. 
Life Sci.. 1978;23:523-526.
We have earlier shown that'd-lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD and its 2-bromo derivative, BOL like. the.dopamine (DA) antagonist haloperidol-increased.the rate of the in vivo tyrosine hydroxylation in the striatum measured as the accumulation of DOPA.after decarboxylase inhibition. Now we have found that several agents structurally similar to LSD increase the in vivo tyrosine. hydroxylation in the striatum. Psilocybin (50 mg/kg.i.p..) and N,N-dimethyltryptamine (5.0 mg/kg i.p.3 caused a.short-lasting increase of DOPA accumulation, while mescaline (10 - 100 mg/kg i.p.3 4. did not increase the DOPA.accumulation. A.marked-increase of DOPA accumulation was observed':after the 5-hydroxytryptamine (BUST) antagonist cyproheptadine. The-effects of LSD and structurally related drugs on the DOPA -accumulation in the striatum appear to be mediated via DA antagonism at receptor level. However, these agents may-control the DOPA accumulation via.other receptors than D;A receptors e.g. ; 5-HT receptors. A control of DOPA accumulation via receptors other than DA receptors-appears to be predominant.
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