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Peters DAV, Tang S. 
“The Effects of Repeated D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Injection on Catecholamine Levels and Tyrosine Hydroxylase Activity in Rat Brain Regions”. 
J.Neurochem.. 1977;28(1):59-62.
The effects of LSD on rat brain catechol amine levels was studied. Noradrenaline (NA), dopamine (DA) and tyrosine (TYR) concentrations and tyrosine hydroxylase (THA) activity were measured in regions of brains taken from untreated, LSD (100 mcg/kg) or saline (1 ml/kg)-treatedrats (85-100 g). Treatments lasted for 4 wk. or 2 wk of one followed by 2 wk of another, Total brain weight was unaffected by any treatment. DA level in the corpus striatum were significantly reduced in all LSDtreated groups, the effect lasted for at least 14 days after cessation of LSD but was not enhanced by further LSD treatment Cerebral cortex TYR levels were increased by giving saline for 4 wk or the final 2 wk. and LSD for the first 2 wk. LSD given during the last 2 wk decreased TAR levels when compared to saline-treated groups. Cortex levels of NA were decreased and THA activity increased in the none-LSD, and LSD + LSD groups. THA activity was markedly increased in the LSD + saline group, NA levels and THA activity was not significantly changed by any treatment in the cerebellum, midbrain, pons medulla or the remainder of the brain. The central effects of LSD may be in part due to interaction with central dopaminergic neurones.
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