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Quadri SK. 
“Effects of Central Acting Drugs and Ergot Derivatives on Prolactin and Growth Hormone Secretion, on Growth of Pituitary and Mammary Tumors and on Reproduction in Old Rats”. 
Dissertation Abstr.Intern.B. 1974;34(12, Part I):6181.
Ergocryptine or LSD i.p. significantly decreased serum prolactin (P) levels in female rats and blocked the rise in P that normally occurs in rats on the afternoon of proestrus. Ergocryptine did not block the increase in P secretion induced by perphenazine since it primaiily acta directly on the pituitary. Pyrogallol 1, 8 or 12 mcg/g i.p. significantly reduced aerum P “n female rats due to its inhibition of catecholamine degradation. Pentobarbital i.p. produced an initial rise followed by a fall in plasma growth hormone (GH). Ether anesthesia consistently reduced plasma GH. Epinephrine, 1-dopa or iproniazid daily for 25 days given to 2023 mth old constant estrus rats initiated regular estrus cycles in most- rats. On termination, a few rats continued to cycle but the majority returned to a state of corlatant estrus or prolonged diestrus. All 3 drugs restored cycling by correcting a catecholamine deficiency in the hypothalamus, thereby increasing LH and FSH and decreasing prolactin release. About 6 wk after transplantation of the mammosomatotropic pituitary tumor, MtT-W15 weekly measutemonts were made of plasma GH, serum prolactin, tumor size and body wt of rats. A significant correlation was found between tumor size and P and GH levels, and body weight. Ratg carrying pituitary tumor transplants given ergocornine daily. tumor growth regression, tumor tissue degeneration and P auppression occurred. Ergonovine also inhibited tumor growth but ergocryptine and CG 603 had no effect. Ergocornine and ergocrypt“ne prodœced markd regression of apontaneous mammary tumora in old female rats by depressing P secretion. Ergocornine and LSD, alao inhibited growth of carcinogeninduced mammary tumors. The activity of ergocornine vas enhanced by simultaneous ovariectomy or large doses of estradiol benzoate. Drostanolone propionate was potent inhibitor of growth of carcinogen-induced mammary tumors in rats. Its inhibitory effects however, were completely overcome by simultaneous injections of P. L-dopa or pargyline, which increase catecholam“nes in the hypothalamus, produced marked regresaion of established tumors and complete suppresaion of new tumor development. Methyldopa and haloperidol produced profound atirnulation of mammary tumor growth.
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