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Sicuteri F. 
“Headache As Metonymy Of Non Organic Central Pain”. 
Headache New Vistas. 1977;pl9-67.

Key Words: histamine, insulin, setotonin, tryptophan, sex, central pain, peripheral pain, dopamine, nor-ndrenaline, enkepalin, endorphins morphine-like substances, dysnociception, ergotamine, LSD-25, apomorphine, sleep, fasting, emotion. INTRODUCTION In spite of the large availability of clinical matter and the numerable crises observable In the same patient, migraine and other correlated headaches are, even today, considered idiopathic >> because of the lack of knowledge concerning the origin of the pain, intended as their main and oUigatoty phenomenon. The hypothesis that the ache is psychogenic, that is << imagined as an expression for self-punishment, has been abandoned. The theory which states that pain is provoked in a mechanical way, by dilatation and pulsation of the cranial arteries is perplexing. In fact, a strong vasodilation in non
Notes # : Proc.Joint Meeting Italian Headache & Scandinavian Migraine Soc., Florence, June 2-3, 1976. Publ. Sicuteri F
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