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Toda N, Hayashi S, Fu WLH. 
“Serotonin Antagonism In Isolated Canine Cerebral Arteries”. 
Jap. J. Pharmacol.. 1976;26:57-63.
In helically-cut strips of canine cerebral arteries, the dose-response curve of serotonin was not influenced by 10-7 M phentolamine but was slightly moved to the right and downward at 10-6 M. The contractile response to serotonin was unaffected by cocaine (3 x 10-6 M), atropine (10-6 M) and propranolol (10-6 M). The addition of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), ergotamine and methysergide caused a dosedependent contraction Treatment with LSD (10-9 and 10-8 M), ergotamine (10-10 to 10-8 M) and methysergide (10-8 to 10-6 M) shifted the dose-response curve of serotonin to the right and a dose-dependent manner. The inhibitory effect of methysergide was reversed by washing, while that of ergotamine was not reversed. Apparent pA2 values of LSD, ergotamine and methysergide were 9.17, 9.63 and 7.92, respectively. Contractile responses to 20 mM K, were not significantly influenced by these blocking agents even in the highest concentrations used. It may be concluded that an alpha-adrenergic mechanism is not involved in the genesis of serotonin-induced contractions and that serotonin acts directly on serotonergic receptors in canine cerebral arteries.
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