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Torre M, Torre E, Bogetto F. 
“The Relation between Cerebral Serotonin Levels and Conditioned Behaviour in the Rat following the Administration of LSD-25 and UML”. 
Psychopharmacologia. 1975;41:245-247.
Successive daily injections of LSD-25 and UML (methyl-d-lysergic acid butanolamide) caused progressive depression of brain 5-HT levels in the rat. On the fourth day, the decrease was significant with respect to the highly significant fall observed after a single administration, whereas it had been shown earlier that conditioned behaviour is no longer affected by LSD-25 after 3 days and that simultaneous administration of a single dose of LSD-25 and UML is equally ineffective in this respect. Its depression of 5-HT levels, however, has now been shown to be equal to that of LSD-25 alone at doses that influence conditioned behaviour. The:findings indicate that changes in such behaviour are not dependent on brain 5-HT levels and that no link exists between such levels and the psychotomimetic effect of LSD-25 in man.
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