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Trulson ME, Ross CA, Jacobs BL. 
“Behavioral Evidence For The Stimulation Of Cns Serotonin Receptors By High Doses Of LSD”. 
Psychopharmacology Communications. 1976;2(2):149-164.
Systemic administration of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) to rats induces a behavioral syndrome consisting of tremor, rigidity, Straub tail, hindlimb abduction, lateral head weaving and reciprocal forepaw treading which is a reflection of increased activation of central serotonin receptors. Utilizing this behavioral measure, a marked supersensitivity to LSD was observed in rats whose serotonin nerve terminals had been selectively destroyed, and a dramatic tolerance to LSD was observed following its repeated administration to normal rats. These data provide direct evidence that LSD-can stimulate CNS serotonin receptors to a degree which markedly affects behavior.
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