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Ungerleider JT, Frank IM. 
“Management of acute panic reactions and flashbacks resulting from LSD ingestion”. 
Acute drug abuse emergencies. A treatment manuel. 1976;p133-138.
I. Introduction 133 II. Acute Panic Reactions 134 A. Definition 134 B. Differential Diagnosis 134 III. LSD Flashbacks 136 A. Definition 136 B. Differential Diagnosis 137 C. Treatment 138 Introduction The use of LSD appears to be declining since the peak period of 1966-1967. This is in large part due to widely publicized reports of bad trips and possible chromosomal damage and to the decreased availability of pure LSD. Nonetheless, adverse LSD reactions now present an even greater challenge to the physician because even allegedly pure LSD is frequently adulterated with stimulants such as methedrine, cocaine or strychnine to produce an additional "kick." The dosage is no longer carefully controlled and varies unpredictably from capsule to capsule, and the patient may have taken LSD along with other drugs whose - identity may or may not be known. In addition, drugs sold as THC, STP, mescaline, or other exotic substances are frequently found on analysis to contain LSD or LSD mixed with anadulterant. Furthermore, there is a tendency for only the more severe acute panic reactions
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