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Degrell I. 
“Specificity and interaction of the neurotransmitter on the basis of clinical observations”. 
Acta Pharm.Hung.. 1978;48(Suppl.):72-76.
Neurotransmitter involvement in symptomatology of model psychoses induced by hallucinogens is reviewed. Hallucinogens affect neurotransmitter activities as follows: LSD (5HT); mescaline (NE,5HT?); amphetamine and cocaine (NE:, DA a); anticholinergic agents, e,g. trihexyphenidyl, Sernyl and glycol ester (ACh); organic solvent (a). In model psychoses, symptom groups (vegetative-neurologic, perceptual, affective) are neither drug- nor structure-specific; furthermore, these groups resemble (Bonhoeffer-type) acute exogenous reaction rather than schizophrenia. Neurotransmitter function may undergo similar alterations in schizophrenia, manic depression and acute exogenous reaction in these disorders, symptomatology appears to be related to relative functionality of interacting neurotransmitters rather than to the action of a single such agent.
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