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Geyer MA, Light RK. 
“LSD-Induced Alterations of Investigatory Responding in Rats”. 
Psychopharmacology. 1979;65:41-47.
The effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) on investigatory responses of rats in a novel hole board were assessed in a series of experiments. LSD (40 - 160 mcg/kg) altered the temporal distribution of 'nose-poke' responses during a Cumin session; LSD- treated rats responded less than controls initially, yet increased their response rates late in the session. This dose-dependent effect was not related to the time course of the drug's action nor to alterations in general locomotor activity. Only partial tolerance was found after eight daily injections of 100 mcg/kg LSD. When handling stress was minimized by placing the animals in an anteroom for 10 min before starting the test, the distribution of responding was normal although the overall frequency was still reduced. Conversely, vigorous handling potentiated the LSD effect. These results are interpreted as indicating an increased sensitivity of the LSD-treated rats to the stimuli associated with being handled and placed into the novel hole- board rather than a direct effect on investigatory tendencies. This LSD-induced potentiation of defensive responses appears to compete with the active exploration of the novel environment
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