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Hetey L, Quiring K, Misselwitz H J, Oelssner W. 
“Bestimmung unterschiedlicher Parameter des cerebralen Dopamin- und Serotonin-Umsatzes nach Psychoharmaka”. 
Zbl.Pharm.Pharmakother.Laboratoriumsdiagn.. 1980;119(6):615-16.
The effects of hallucinogens on cerebral dopamine and serotonin turnover in cat brain were studied. Experiments were carried out at various integration levels in order to characterize the acute effect of hallucinogens on dopaminergic and serotonergic transmission systems in discrete brain areas of the rat. In tracer kinetic studies, LSD application (0.5 mg/kg i.p.) with pulse injection of 3H-tyrosine i.v. was associated with an increase in striatal DA and DOPAC synthesis and a reduction of HVA formation, In the case of superfusion of striatum layers of LSD- and 3H-tyrosine-pretreated rats, inhibition of the liberation of newly synthesized DA was demonstrated in spite of increased synthesis. In experiments using the striatum layers of untreated rats, an analogous, dose-dependent inhibition of DA release was found after addition of LSD to the superfusion solution. In view of a possible involvement of the presynaptic cAMP system in the synthesis and liberation of DA and 5-HT, studies will be carried out on the synaptosome fractions in-vivo with LSDpretreated animals. Simultaneous superfusion with 3H-tyrosine and 3H-tryptophan and measurement of synaptosomal cAMP concentrations allow investigation of regulatory aspects.
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