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Horowski R, Graef KJ. 
“Neuroendocrine Effects of Neuropsychotropic Drugs and Their Possible Influence On Toxic Reactions in Animals and Man - The Role of the Dopamine-Prolactin System”. 
Arch.Toxicol.. 1979;? (Suppl. 2):93-104.
The effects of functional dopamine (DA) antagonists and agonists on the prolactin (PRL) system were studied. Methods Wistar rats were pretreated with reserpine (2 mg/kg; i.p.) followed after 22 hr by either lisuride (LHM), bromocriptine (CB 154), methysergide (M) od d-LSD (all s.c.). In separate studies either spiroperidol (1 mg/kg) or sulpiride (50 mg/kg) were given i.p., 30 min before the ergot derivatives. Serum PRL responses were assayed by RIA 2 hr after treatment. Beagle dogs (10 kg) were given LHM (0.01 mg/kg; s.c.) followed by TRH (100 mcg; i.v., Relefact, Hoechst). Serum PRL responses were assayed over 90 min. 10 Healthy female volunteers (5 on p.o. ContraceptiveS) were given bromocriptine (2.5 mg; p.o., Pravidel, Sandoz) followed after 2 hr by sulpiride (Dogmatil, 50 mg, i.m.). Serum PRL was assayed over 2 hr. Results The DA-agonists all lowered serum PRL in the rat, the order of potency being LHM = CB 154?LSD>M. This order of potency differed from their peripheral anti-serotonin activity (M>LSD = LHM CB154), but agreed with DA-agonist potency. Methergoline and ergotamine were also potent at lowering serum PRL. The PRL-lowering activity of LHM was fully antagonized by pretreatment with the DA-antagonists spiroperidol or sulpiride. In dogs, TRH increased serum PRL levels, this activity being antagonized by LHM. In female volunteers, sulpiride increased serum PRL to 100 ng/ml, this effect being reduced by bromocriptine-pretreatment. Volunteers taking estrogen-containing contraceptives showed higher serum PRLlevels incontrols and bromocriptinetreated groups. Conclusion The dopaminergic regulation of PRL secretion is a sensitive index for altered dopaminergic function.
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