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Kumbar M. 
“Conformational Study of Lysergic Acid Derivatives in Relation to their Hallucinogenic and Antiserotonin Activities”. 
QUASAR. Quantitative structure activity relationships of analgesics, narcotics, antagonists, and hallucinogens. 1978;22:374-408.
Conformational analysis of five lysergates in six different solvents has been carried out by an empirical method. The energy maps are developed for all molecules in all solvents. Further, the receptor site conformations are identified for both hallucinogenic and antiserotonin activities. It appears that all the molecules do not act on the same site. Effect of solvent is examined by comparing the solvated conformation with that of vacuum and it can be concluded that this effect definitely exists, but depends on both solute and solvent. Various properties such as free energy, entropy, percent population, dipole moment, translational and rotational diffusion coefficients, and relaxation time are obtained for receptor site conformations and correlated with the observed activities. It is concluded that the mode of action in eliciting the hallucinogenic response is different from that of antiserotonin response.
Notes # : Publ.: Barnett G, Trsic M, Willette RE NIDA Research Monograph 22
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