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Lee EHY, Geyer MA. 
“Persistent Effects Of Chronic Administration Of LSD On Intracellular Serotonin Content In Rat Midbrain”. 
Neuropharmacology. 1980;19(10):1005-1007.
The effects of acute and chronic administration of LSD on the intracellular serotonin content of raphe neurons in rat midbrain were compared using a cytofluorimetric measure of serotonin based on fluorescence fading. Consistent with previous reports, acute treatment with LSD preferentially increased intracellular serotonin levels in both the dorsal and median raphe nuclei. Similar increases in serotonin were observed following 14 daily injections of LSD and 24hr after the last of 13 daily injections. No significant differences were found between the effects of acute and chronic LSD treatments on any of the cytofluorimetric measures of serotonin. Together with the results from previous electrophysiological and behavioral studies, these findings indicate that little or no tolerance occurs to the effects of LSD on serotonergic neurons.
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