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Mahony JB, Brown IR. 
“Fate of mRNA followng disaggregation of brain polysomes after administration of (+)-lysergic acid diethylamide in vivo”. 
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. 1979;565(1):161-172.
Intravenous injection of (+)-lysergic acid diethylamide into young rabbits induced a transient brain-specific disaggregation of polysomes to monosomes. Investigation of the fate of mRNA revealed that brain poly(A+)mRNA was conserved. In particular, mRNA coding for brain-specific S100 protein was not degraded, nor was it released into free ribonucleoprotein particles; Following the (+3-lyseigic acid diethylamide-induced disaggregation of polysomes, mRNA If shifted from polysomes and accumulated on monosomes. Formation of a blocked monosome complex" which contained intact mRNA and 40-S plus 60-S ribosomal-subunits but lacked nascent peptide chains, suggested that (+)-lysergic acid diethyIamiide inhibited brain protein synthesis at a specific stage of late initiation or early elongation.
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