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Mandel JL. 
“Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD-25) as a Facilitating Agent in Psychotherapy: a Phenomenological Study”. 
Dissertation Abstr.Intern.B. 1979;39(11):5567-68.
Method Data were secured from interviews with 6 subjects who had undergone psychoanalytic psychotherapy in which LSD was used as a facilitating agent. Conclusions were drawn in terms of the meaning of the experience to the subject, and the essence of their experiences. Results Analysis of the raw protocol in terms of the meaning and essence of the data revealed many commonalities in both content of material, and process of psychotherapy. The results also showed that most subjects are able to observe the process of therapy, while dealing with their intrapsychic and interpersonal problems. The subjects were able to describe their feelings, fantasies, and acquisition of insight, and the interaction between therapist and patient, while dealing with their conflicts. LSD-25 provides the subject with an aid to psychological disinhibition, allowing the subject to observe the process of psychotherapy while it is being experienced, and the investigator a breakthrough in the understanding of subconscious processes.
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