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Natale M, Kowitt M, Dahlberg CC, Jaffe J. 
“Effect of Psychotomimetics (LSD and Dextroamphetamine) on the Use of Figurative Language During Psychoanalysis”. 
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. 1978;46(6):157-158.
This study examined the effect of LSD, dextroamphetamine, and a placebo on patients' use of figurative language in psychoanalytic sessions. A longitudinal design was performed on three male psychoanalytic patients who volunteered to receive each drug (LSD-50-100 u, dextroamphetamine-15 mg, placebo) seven times over a period of 1.5 years. The patients, analyst, and raters were all blind concerning the drug condition. Forty-minute verbatim transcripts were scored for figurative language by two trained raters. Results showed that for two of the three patients, the use of nonliteral language, in particular, "novel" figurative phrases, was significantly increased by LSD.
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