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Natale M, Dahlberg CC, Jaffe J. 
“The Effects Of LSD-25 And Dextroamphetamine On The Use Of Defensive Language”. 
J. clin. Psychol.. 1979;35:250-254.
Verified that psychotomimetics attenuate verbal defense mechanisms. This was accomplished by reanalyzing the 5-minute monologues of 7 neurotic depressives who participated in a project (Mechaneck, Feldstein, Dahlberg, & Jaffe, 1968) that examined the effects of LSD and dextroamphetamine on timing aspects of speech. Dosages were subhallucinatory: 15-25 mg dextroamphetamine, 50-100 mg LSD, and a matching placebo. Volunteers received each drug (double-blind) seven or eight times on a random schedule over a 1-year period; there was a 3-week intertrial interval. The patient provided 5-minute monologues both before and after drug effects. The monologues were transcribed and scored for formal measures of defensive language. Results indicated that LSD caused individuals to make more personal statements and to use explanation and evaluations less often. Dextroamphetamine was found to decrease the use of nonpersonal references.
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