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Gupta SP, Singh P, Bindal MC. 
“Correlation of Inhibitory Activity of Tryptamine Derivatives on Serotonin Uptake in Thrombocyte with van der Waals Volume”. 
Drug Res.. 1981;31(II):2053-55.
A study is made on the correlation of inhibitory activity of a series of tryptamine derivatives on serotonin uptake in thrombocyte with van der Waals volume (Vw). Bearing significant correlations the compounds were separated into two distinct groups to conform the suggestion that two receptor sites of a sterically dissimilar nature may be involved in serotonin uptake and its inhibition. And on the basis of significance of the correlation it was further sought to suggest that to act as inhibitors the compounds must possess the structural resemblance with serotonin at least while complexing with receptor sites.
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