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Hetey L, Schwitzkowsky R, Oelssner W. 
“Influence Of Psychotomimetics And Lisuride On Synaptosomal Dopamine Release In The Nucleus Accumbens Of Rats”. 
European Journal of Pharmacology. 1983;93:213-220.
In superfusion experiments with a crude synapostomal fraction from the nucleus accumbens of rats, lysergic acid, diethylamide mescaline and N,N-dimethyltryptamine (representing different chemical classes of psychotomimetics) produced a concentration-related inhibition of K+-evoked [3H]dopamine release whereas spontaneous release remained unchanged. The nonpsychotomimetic ergoline lisuride tested at the same concentration range did not modulate spontaneous or K+-evoked [3H]dopamine release. The inhibitory effects of the psychotomimetics tested were antagonized by equal concentrations of haloperidol or methiothepine. It is postulated that the effects of psychotomimetics on DA release were triggered via simultaneous action at presynaptic dopamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine receptors which are located at dopamine nerve endings in the nucleus accumbens.
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