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Oelsner W, Fink H, Hetey L, Drescher K. 
“Action of antipsychotics on LSD-induced neurochemical and behavioral effects in rats”. 
Adv. Pharmacol. Ther.. 1981;p137-46.
The potentiation of apomorphine 584-induced hypermotility by systemically or intra-raphe administered LSD (I) [50-37-3] was accompanied by a decreased synthesis and release of 5-HT and an increased synthesis of dopamine (DA) in the nucleus accumbens. Haloperidol [52-86-8] behaved like a competitive dopaminolytic antagonist without anti-5-HT properties. Clozapine [5786-21-0], similar to 5-HT antagonists, counteracted the potentiating effect and the decreased the release of 5-HT following systemic and intra-raphe injections. Opposite chances in DA release by systemically and intra-raphe administered LSD revealed directly and indirectly induced effects. The increase in DA release wee abolished by haloperidol and clozapine. The animal model seems to be useful for differentiating between directly and/or indirectly induced effects of antipsychotics on DA and 5-HT functions.
Notes # : Proc. Int. Congr., 8th
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