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Kang S, Johnson CL, Green J. 
“Theoretical Studies on the Conformations of Psilocin and Mescaline”. 
Molecular Pharmacology. 1973;9:640-648.
Molecular orbital calculations and classical potential function calculations were carried out to examine the proposal that the conformations of the hallucinogenic tryptamines and phenylalkylamincs are such that their 6-membered aromatic rings and their alkylamino nitrogens are congruent with the A ring and N(6) nitrogen atom of lysergic acid diethylamide (the nitrogen of the D ring). The congruent conformation of psilocin is {C(9)-C(3)-C(beta)-C(alpha)} = 46 +/- 10 degrees, {C(3)-C(beta)-C(alpha)-N-C(2N)}=300 +/- 10 degrees; that of mescaline is {C(2)-C(1)-C(beta)-C(alpha)} = 147 +/- 10 degrees and {C(1)-C(beta)-C(alpha)-N} = 160 +/- 20 degrees. These results show that congruence of psilocin and mescaline with lysergic acid diethylamide is energetically permissible.
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