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Kemali M, Milici N, Kemali D. 
“The Pigment Screening (ps) Of The Frog Retina After Administration Of Psychoactive Drugs”. 
Neuroscience. 1982;7.
The Pigment Screening (PS) - which consists of the migration of melanine granules in the pigment epithelium of the retina of low vertebrates in response to illumination changes - was studied in the frog Rana esculenta after intravenous administration of several psychoactive drugs and compared to controls. The drugs were: amphetamine, mescaline and LSD and its non-hallucinogenic homologue compound Lisuride. The four drugs induced four different modifications of the PS pattern in each group of frogs. The significance of these results is discussed in relation to the recent data on the biochemical characteristies of the retina and its possible interaction with the drugs aministered. Both dark adapted and normal frogs were used.
Notes # : Suppl.
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