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Kubos KL. 
“Drugs and Seizure Identification by Audio Spectrometry”. 
Dissertation Abstr. Internat.. 1980 Sep;41(3):1155.
Audio data collected from the floor upon which mice walked, were analyzed to identify drug/dosage and tremor type. Male Swiss Webster mice (20-25 g) were injected with various doses of metrazol, LSD-25, d-amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine,morphine or levorphanol and placed in a cage whose floor was fitted with a piezoelectric transducer. Transducer-derived audio output was processed to yield power spectrum densities (PSDs) composed of 10 major peaks. Levels of these 10 PSD peaks accurately differentiated between drug/dosage groups as well as between clonic and tonic seizures. This technique may find application in the elucidation of seizure mechanisms, psychomotor disturbances, pharmaceutical screening and neuropharmacological mechanisms. Coupling of ultrasonic and PSD techniques is recommended for future research.
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