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Menon MK, Vivonia CA. 
“Modification Of Apomorphine Hypothermia By Drugs Affecting Brain 5-hydroxytryptamine Function”. 
European Journal of Pharmacology. 1981;76(2-3):223-227.
Intraperitoneal administration of apomorphine caused hypothermia in mice. Pretreatment with the Serotonin (5-HT) receptor antagonists methysergide (3 mg/kg), cinanserin (10 mg/kg) or brom-LSD (3 mg/kg) potentiated this response of apomorphine. Brain 5-HT depletion by p-chlorophenylalanine caused similar modification. On the contrary, the 5-HT receptor agonists quipazine (3 mg/kg) and MK-212 (3 mg/kg), significantly blocked apomorphine hypothermia. It was concluded that 5-HT modulates the dopamine (DA)-mediated body temperature changes and that drug induced alterations in the brain 5-HT function modify apomorphine-induced hypothermia in a predictable manner. One mg/kg dose of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) blocked apomorphine hypothermia. The apomorphine-blocking effect of both quipazine and LSD developed tolerance. Moreover, LSD showed cross tolerance with quipazine. It was concluded that the hypothermia-blocking property of LSD resides on its ability to activate the hypothalamic 5-HT receptors.
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