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Morgan DG, Finch CE. 
“[3H]Fluphenazine Binding to Brain Membranes: Simultaneous Measurement of D- 1 and D-2 Receptor Sites”. 
J. Neurochem.. 1986;46(5):1623-1631.
[3H]Fluphenazine was used to label both D-l and D-2 dopamine receptors in mouse striatal membranes. The D-1 and D-2 specific binding of [3H]fluphenazine was discriminated by the dopamine antagonists SCH-23390 (D-1 selective) and spiperone (D-2 selective). Saturation analyses of these two sites yielded a D-l receptor density in mouse striatum of 1,400 fmol/mg of protein and a D-2 receptor density of 700 fmol/mg of protein. The affinity of [3H]fluphenazine for the D-2 site was slightly greater than for the D-1 site; the equilibrium dissociation constant (KID) was 0.7 versus 3.2 nM, respectively. Assay conditions are described that reduce nonspecific binding of [3H]fluphenazine to acceptable levels (350f total binding at 1 nM [3H]fluphenazine). By comparison of displacement curves from a series of dopaminergic and nondopaminergic ligands, the pharmacological specificity of 1'H]nuphenazine binding in mouse striatum was demonstrated to be dopaminergic. Only small amounts of dopamine-specific (apomorphine-sensitive) [3H]fluphenazine binding were found in other brain regions. However. chlorpromazine displaced considerable [3H]fluphenazine from all brain regions, including cerebellum, suggesting the presence of a [3H]fluphenazine binding site with a phenothiazine specificity.
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