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White FJ, Holohean AM, Appel JB. 
“Antagonism of a Behavioral Effect of LSD and Lisuride in the Cat”. 
Psychopharmacology. 1983;80:83-84.
These experiments investigated the role of serotonin (5-HT) and dopamine (DA) receptors in the limb-flick (LF) response elicited by the hallucinogenic ergot LSD and its nonhallucinogenic structural congener lisuride. Pretreatment with either the 5-HT antagonist pizotifen (BC-I 05) or the DA antagonist haloperidol significantly attenuated LF elicited by either LSD or lisuride. Thus, the LF model failed to differentiate the neuropharmacological actions of LSD and lisuride. Cocaine also prevented LSD- and lisuride-elicited LF simply by reducing the activity of cats (response competition) suggesting the need for caution in interpreting'antagonism' of the LF response.
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