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Wilikison DM, Hosko MJ. 
“Interactions of Cyproheptadine and Methysergide with LSD on Sensory Evoked Activity.”. 
Pharmacologist. 1982 l982;24:186, Abstr.No.499.
In light of the visual manifestation of LSD intoxication and the experimental evidence of LSD actions on visual afferent information we have investigated the effects of LSD on primary and convergence areas for visual and somatic sensory activity in a-chloralose-anesthetized cats. The effects of cyproheptadine (CYP) and methysergide (MET) on the preferential depression of visual evoked activity by 100 mcg/kg LSD are detailed. CYP, 1 mg/kg was without effect on the sensory evoked potentials at primary or convergence sites. When administered with LSD, CYP blocked the LSDdepresslon of primary visual activity. At convergence sites CYP reversed the LSD effect resulting in facilltatlon. MET, 1 mg/kg, alone facilitated primary visual cortical responses (260X), but potentlated the LSD-depresslon of cortical visual projections. A reduction in serotonergic activity is insufficient to explain the effects of LSD on sensory evoked activity. Rather a combination of inhibition of raphe activity and postsynaptic stimulation appears to be involved. However, the MET which has been reported to produce mild hallucinations in humans, potentiated the effects of LSD.
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