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Winter JC. 
“The stimulus properties of para-methoxyamphetamine: A nonessential serotonergic component.”. 
Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1984 .;20(2):201-203.
A group of six rats was trained to discriminate the effects of paramethoxyamphetamine (PMA; 3 mg/kg, 15 min pretreatment time) and saline in a two-lever choice task using a fixed ratio 10 schedule of water reinforcement. Stimulus control was assumed to be present when 800r more of the first ten responses were appropriate for the treatment condition on each of five consecutive days. PMA established stimulus control in each of the subjects. The mean number of sessions prior to the onset of criterion performance was 19 (SE=2, range= 124). A second group of ten rats was similarly trained with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD; 0.1 mg/kg, 15 min pretreatment time) and saline. In rats trained with PMA, LSD yielded intermediate results, i.e., significantly different from both training conditions. Likewise, the response distribution was intermediate in nature when LSD-trained subjects were tested with PMA. Pizotyline did not antagonize PMA-induced stimulus control in rats trained with PMA and saline but did antagonize the intermediate responding produced by PMA in LSD-trained subjects. It is concluded that PMA-induced stimulus control does not depend upon activation of serotonergic receptors but that PMA does possess some LSD-like effects which are mediated serotonergically.
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