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Stolerman IP, Shine PJ. 
“Trends in drug discrimination research analysed with a cross-indexed bibliography, 1982-1983”. 
Psychopharmacology. 1985;86(1):1-11.
The drug discrimination procedure has become one of the most widely used paradigms in behavioral pharmacology, a situation which is reflected in the appearance to date of more 600 publications, including the proceedings of a drug discrimination techniques among the most powerful available to behavioural pharmacologists, and a very large amount of information on a wide range of drugs from different pharmacological classes has been obtained under strictly comparable experimental conditions. Stolerman et al. (1982, in reference 34) compiled a bibliography of drug discrimbliilioil research for 1950- 1981. This has now been extended lo include the years 1982-1983. Analysis of the bibliographic information facilitates quantification of recent research activity in the field and makes apparent certain trends and omissions that might otherwise be difficult to perceive. There follows a brief discussion of some of these trends, relating mainly to the types of drugs studied and the relative use or neglect of specific experimental procedures. The current bibliographic listing of 191 articles is then given, together with an index enabling papers dealing with specific aspects of the subject to be identified readily.
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