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Blumenfield M, Glickman L. 
“Ten months experience with LSD users admitted to country psychiatric receiving hospital”. 
New York State Journal of Medicine. 1967;67:1849-1853.
Of 25 users of LSD brought to the hospital, all had obtained their drugs from illegal sources, and 23 were admitted to the hospital. Most often symptoms leading to admission followed ingestion by several hours and continued to increase until admission because necessary. The users were predominantly white and young, the average school grade completed was 10.6, and none was engaged in a profession. Eighteen had had psychiatric treatment; 80 percent were diagnosed as schizophrenic or borderline schizophrenic patients. They were admitted because of attempted suicide, attempted homicide, smashing furniture, attempted pedophilia, prolonged anxiety, and confusion and hallucinations; 88 percent admitted to using at least one other addicting, habituating or psychedelic drug; 20 percent were overtly homosexual; and 40 percent had histories of arrest.
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