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Glatt MM. 
“Dangers of LSD”. 
Lancet. 1967;1967(II):1203.
Sir, your annotation (Oct 28, p 929) mentions that many American lysergide (lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD) takers also take other drugs to excess, and that the use of LSD there "seems to be spreading to members of lower socio-economic groups without intellectual or artistic interests who have not hitherto been interested in it". The same trend has certainly been noted in this country. It is still probably true that "intellectual and artistic" drug-takers, by and large, prefer cannabis and LSD whereas less educated groups may prefer "pep pills" and possibly heroin. For example, students often seem to be attracted by cannabis, but not by amphetamines. LSD users may say, "cannibis and LSD takers are usually interested in life, whereas heroin users take heroin to escape from life", " people who take heroin try to get away from something, whereas LSD takers take LSD because they try to find something", and "the LSD and heroin 'scenes' are quite different from each other". But there is a large overlap between drug-users taking "pep pills" and those searching for "mind expansion" and it is by no means uncommon to meet people uninterested in intellectual or artistic pursuits who have taken other drugs to excess, but who have also had many LSD "trips" or who say that they would be interested in trying LSD as soon as they could get hold of it.
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