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Heard G. 
“Can this drug enlarge man's mind?”. 
Psychedelic Rev.. 1963;1:7-17.
Since earliest times man has felt impulses to rise above his everyday self and achieve either some higher insight or some release from mundane concerns-or both. Western saints and Eastern mystics have subjected themselves to strenuous spiritual exercises; others, less dedicated, have resorted to chemical aids, from the ceremonial wine of the ancients and the opiates of the Orient to the sacramental peyotl plant of Aztec tribes and the social stimulants of our own day. In our time, moreover, psychologists and other students of human perceptions, from William James to Aldous Huxley, have tried out on themselves certain experimental drugs in an effort to induce states that would lend extraordinary lucidity and light to the mind's unconscious and creative processes-possibly even assistance to these. Today these newer drugs-mescaline, psilocybine, and the latest and most potent of them Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or LSD-are spreading so widely on a "research" basis that the major questions are arising as to their effects and proper use.
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