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Stern H. 
“Some observations on the resistance to the use of LSD 25 in psychotherapy”. 
Psychedelic Rev.. 1966;8:105-110.
My psychiatric colleagues seem to have taken no trouble to overcome the initial bewilderment created by my new approach to dreams. The professional philosophers have become accustomed to polishing off the problems of dream and life (which they treat as a mere appendix to conscious states) in a few sentences and usually in the same ones; and they have evidently faied to notice that we have something here from which a number of indiferences can be drawn that are bound to tranform our psychological theories. The attitude adopted by reviewers in the scientific periodicals could only lead one to suppose that my work was doomed to be sunk into complete silence while the small group fo gallant supporters, who practice medical psychoanalysis under my guidance and who follow my example in interpreting dreams and make use of their interpreations in treating neurotics, would never have exhausted their first edition of the book. Thus it is that I feel indebted to wider circle of educated and curious-minded readers, whose interest has led me to take up once more after nine years this difficult, but in many respects fundamental work.
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