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Barrigar RH. 
“The regulation of psychedelic drugs”. 
Psychedelic Rev.. 1964;1:394-441.
Recently, controversy has arisen in both the popular and scientific press over the use of psychedelic drugs. The controversy has stemmed partly from the dismissal of two Harvard Psychology professors who used student volunteers in the drug experiments, and from the later activities of the same two professors and others as members of the International Federation for Internal Freedom, which advocated non-medical experimentation with psychedelic drugs. And undoubtedly the controversy has arisen partly because of rather sensational reports of some of the more bizarre effects of the drugs (example: for two days one person who had taken a psychedelic drugs thought he was only six inches tall). As a result, investigators of psychedelic drugs have reason to consider their legal responsibilities in research , and proponents of the use of the drugs must determine the extent to which they may legally procure and use the drugs.
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