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Alexander GJ, Machiz S, Alexander RB. 
“Inherited abnormalities in three generations of offspring of LSD-treated rats”. 
Fed. Proc.. 1968;27:220.
Intake of LSD early in pregnancy caused teratogenic effects in rats which persisted through four generations. Mating of 43 second generation LSD rats resulted in 29 pregnancies, 13 of them abnormal: 3 abortions, 3 deaths during or after gestation and 7 litters containing some stillborn or stunted young. When both parents were offspring of treated females, 700f pregnancies were abnormal, when only one parent, male or female, 32%. Controls showed 170f abnormalities. Mating of 41 third generation LSD rats resulted in 26 pregnancies, of which 13 were abnormal. A total of 261 fourth generation offspring was obtained, 32 of them either stillborn or dying soon after birth. Matched control rats showed neither stillbirths nor early offspring mortality.
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