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“Hallucinogenic drugs”. 
Medical Journal of Australia. 1968;55(I):141.
To some of our journalists, delighting as they do in picturesque generalizations, this has become The Psychedelic Age. The word "Psychedelic" no doubt bears for them the rather intriguing popular definition "mind expanding" though some of the medial dictionaries are more prosaic. What they mean by the Psychedelic Age is not quite so clear - whether it is that the general population now goes on "trips" with LSD , (or similar drugs) as lightly as it travels by aeroplane, or that everyone but a few die-hards agree that this is in order if you like it, or that the world has a new way of thinking, of relaxing, of patterning its art and culture and so on that is psychedelic in quality whether or not LSD and similar drugs qua drugs come into it. But whatever is meant, the hallucinogenic drugs get the limelight and with it a measure of glamour.
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