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Mechaneck R, Feldstein S, Dahlberg CC, Jaffe J. 
“Experimental investigation of LSD as a psychotherapeutic adjunct”. 
Comprehensive Psychiatry. 1968;9, No 5:490-498.
The use of LSD in one form of therapy or another has been the subject of study throughout the world by numerous investigators who have been exploring the possibilities of improving presently existing approaches to therapy. One attempt made in the direction has been to reduce markedly the length of time involved in therapy by modifying therapeutic technique and thereby providing treatment to a considerably larger patient population. An effort has been initiated to discover methods of treatment which could benefit patients previously considered unamenable to psychotherapy; for example, alcoholics, sexual deviates, and severe character disorders. Considerable ingenuity has been employed toward this end, and there have been enthusiastic reports of successful treatment outcome as a result. However a good deal of controversy concerning the validity of these reported outcomes has arisen. One important and perhaps unfortunate by-product of the development of these new techniques has been that few studies are even roughly comparable in terms of the treatment procedures they employ, and although replication within a series of investigations using a particular therapeutic method may take place, there is virtually no cross-validation among studies in terms of technique.
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