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“LSD fed to pregnant rats has caused biochemical defects in their offspring.”. 
Chem. Engng. News. 1970;48(38):37.
...according to Dr. Velayudhan Nair, director of therapeutic research at Michael Reese Hospital and Psychiatric Institutes, Chicago Medical School, Chicago, Ill. Unlike some other investigators, Dr. Nair observed no gross malformation or chromosomal damage in the offspring of rats given oral doses of LSD during pregnancy. The most significant effect, he says, appears to be suppression of the essential bran chemical serotonin. LSD also apparently inhibits the development of liver enzymes hexobarbital oxidase and o-demethylase. LSD's effect on serotonin appears to be a significant finding, Dr. Nair says, because of the chemical's association with behavior disorders such as sleep abnormalities and hypersexuality.
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