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Abramson HA, Jarvik ME, Hirsch MW, Ewald AT. 
“Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25): V. Effect on spatial relations abilities”. 
J. Psychol.. 1955;39:435.

PROBLEM: The effects of LSD on 2 tests of spatial relations (the Thurstone Hand Test and the revised Minnesota Paper Form Board Test (MPFB).

MATERIAL: 12 non-psychotic adults (6 F, 6 M), age range 21-33. DOSAGE &

METHODS: Each subject was tested three times and 8 were tested 4 times with at least one week between the experiments. The first time placebos was given. 50 ug LSD was given the 2nd time, lO0 ug LSD the third time and placebos the 4th time. The 2 tests were carried out approximately 1 3/4 hours after the drug.

RESULTS: LSD tested to impair the subject's scores in tests of spatial relationship but only some of the changes were significant. In both forms of the Thurstone Hand Test there was significant impairment only between the scores after placebo and after I00 ug LSD. In the MPFB the only significant change was between the 2 doses of LSD. On subsequent testing without LSD the subjects performed more proficiently than at the first testing.
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