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Giberti F, Gregoretti L. 
“Prime esperienze di antagonismo psicofarmacologico. Psicosi sperimentale da LSD e trattamento con cloropromazina e reserpina”. 
Sistema nerv.. 1955;7:301.
(First investigations on psycho-pharmacological antagonism. Experimentally induced LSD-psychosis and treatment with Cpz and reserpine.)

In 15 [?] psychiatric patients, the effects of LSD (60-150 [120?] ug by mouth) without pre-treatment were compared to those produced by LSD after the administration of chlorprom. (Cpz) and reserpine (both these drugs were given i.m. at least two days before LSD and on the day on which the experiment was carried out). The intensity and duration of the mental and autonomic symptoms were reduced by Cpz and by reserpine. [When Cpz is administered at the height of the LSD effect, it completely aborts the LSD-induced symptoms.
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