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Geronimus LH, Abramson HA, Ingraham LJ, Sklarofsky B. 
“Effects of LSD-25”. 
Annual Rep. Biol. Laborat.. 1954.
Small rats (50-100 grams) were injected intravenously with 40-50 micrograms of LSD-25 per gram of body weight. About an hour later the animals were sacrificed and various of their organs were homogenized. The resulting homogenates were serially diluted. Three juvenile Siamese fighting fish were placed in aliquots of each dilution. Appropriate controls, including a titration of a homogenate of normal brain to which LSD-25 had been added after homogenization and water controls containing various concentrations (including one of zero) of LSD-25, were also run. This experiment produced evidence that one hour after injection there is a concentration of LSD-25 in the brain of a rat approximately one-fourth of what could be expected if no destruction of any of the LSD-25 had occurred and if the LSD-25 had been equally distributed through the rat's tissues. This experiment was repeated, except that the homogenates were prepared in concentrated form and dialyzed against distilled water. By using the dialysate (i.e., the clear solution outside the semipermeable bag) for the titration, it was possible to rule out the complication of the fish eating bits of the tissue in the homogenate. The results were the same as with the ulfiltered homogenate. Appreciable amounts of LSD-25 do enter the brains of rats injected with large amounts of it.
Notes # : Cold Spring Harbor, New York 1954-1955 (auch BOL-, DHE-, Gy-, LAE-Erw.A)
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