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Savage C. 
“The LSD psychosis as a transaction between the psychiatrist and patient.From 'Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and Mescaline in Experimental Psychiatry'”. 
Grune & Stratton, Inc.. 1956;pp. 35.
Case 1: Woman in early thirties °Amateur artist° Underigoing analysis because of recurrent feelings of depression. Early analysis was completely blocked. Sodium amytal did not relief the block The patient requested she be given ISD to spur on her analysis. She subsequently produced a painting showing the effect of LSD, a composite of 3 separate experiences, one with 50ug, one with 100ug and one with 150ug _orally._ The painting, which is reproduced in black and white in the paper, is an accurate representation of many of her unconscious conflicts. The content of the painting was worked over in the course of several months. With the help of the continuous recall and release of the repressed material and with a new-found ability to express herself and iovercome resistance her analysis began to show progress.

The LSD experiences were valuable but are not to be undertaken lightly. The woman became very depressed and suicidal during the LSD experience and LSD was therefore discontinued° However, without the knowledge of the author she took 150ug LSD. She became intensely depressed. Four hours later she told the therapist. He then remained with her for 18 hours until she recovered. The patient later said, 'I would have died if you hadn't been there' The author stresses that the person with an acute LSD psychosis needs someone wit h him all the time. The presence of the other person minimises the effect of the psychosis.
Notes # : New York, London
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